Detective Superindent John Troon:
“… I was called up to see my commander at about 10 o’clock on that Monday morning saying [there had been the] death of the Kenyan foreign minister and this comes through diplomatic channels and they need someone out there to investigate it and you are number one in the frame so the job is yours…
I arrived there about three days after the body had been discovered… and we immediately that afternoon undertook a second post mortem on the body of Dr. Ouko.
The state of the body was an awful state… all the chest area had disintegrated and gone where they had poured diesel fuel over him, set it alight…
…we had a meeting that evening with Oyugi, the Commissioner was there then, Anguka was there and a few others, in Oyugi’s house and I specifically said to Oyugi that as far as we were concerned there is evidence to suggest that Dr Ouko was murdered, he did not commit suicide and Oyugi quite forcibly said to me, “Mr Troon, you’re wrong, the Minister committed suicide”.
And I said, “I’m sorry sir but no, the evidence suggests quite the contrary that he was murdered and err… either I investigate this as a murder or I’ll go back to London, let you get on with it. That’s what I said to him. “

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