Waweru: In 2011, 21 years after Dr Ouko’s murder, the TJRC concluded:
[TJRC Report, para 131] In addition, the Washington Trip theory revolves around a private meeting with President Bush and Ouko that never actually occurred. [TJRC graphic- document]

Denis Afande: They didn’t meet at that time at all. Of course I knew they had known each other, they met a number of times…. But at that time there was no meeting between Minister Ouko and President Bush.

Paul Muite: I raised it with Smith Hempstone and I told him I would like to know whether it is true or not that Robert Ouko had met with Bush privately and Bush refused to meet with Moi. And he told me let me check and I will come back to you and he did and he came back to me and he said he had checked and the State Department mandarins has assured him that there was no such private meeting that took place.

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