Waweru: The Kenyan delegation left Washington on February 2nd – and Dr Ouko was on that flight.

Moses Mahugu was the Chief of Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He travelled with the delegation.

Dr. Ouko travelled on Concorde to London with the President and then by Kenya Airways to Nairobi. On arrival at Nairobi Dr. Ouko seemed his normal self and had travelled in his normal position on the aircraft which is a double seat next to the President’s double seat. Dr Ouko would be seated next to Mr Biwott.

Waweru: Moi landed in Nairobi just after 4pm on Sunday 4th February… and Dr Ouko was with him.

There are so many photographs in the archives showing Moi and Ouko coming off the plane and greeting the crowds at the airport, supported by multiple witness testimonies, that it seems unbelievable that this fact was ever called into question.

Nicholas Biwott: Yes we were together, in London we were travelling in the same car. In the plane we came together up to the airport and when we arrived in the airport we were all scrambling for our luggage.

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