Waweru: In the last weekend of his life Dr Robert Ouko was here at the Imperial Hotel in Kisumu. He’d been invited by the Rotary Club to deliver a speech in which he recalled the hugely successful trip to Washington.

In footage that has never been broadcast before this is Robert Ouko’s last public address.

Ouko: And I want to tell you that our beloved President, his Excellency Daniel Arap Moi has done to Kenya more than any other person could have done. He has put me in charge of this ministry to assist him in creating, portraying, and protecting a favorable image of Kenya outside Kenya. I have done this with great joy because the real task is being done by the president himself after he has cleared the air around the world for Kenya, I just go around and see if there is any dirt I clean it.

Waweru: Does this look like the demeanour of a man who has just been sacked and banished by his President? 66 seconds

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