Troon was about four weeks into his inquiry when he was given testimony that appeared to mark a breakthrough.

The file was from a Swiss-German woman – Marianne Briner-Mattern. She, together with an Italian, Domenico Airaghi, said they were directors of BAK International, a company based in Lugano, Switzerland.

BAK had been selected by Dr Ouko in 1987, when he was Minister for Industry, to help restart a defunct molasses plant in Kisumu.

From this testimony Troon came up with a theory that senior government ministers and officials demanded bribes via intermediaries, to authorise the project to rehabilitate molasses processing plant in Kisumu.

When they didn’t get them they blocked the project and BAK’s involvement, and nominated other companies against them.

Brinner-Mattern also claimed that just before he was murdered Dr Ouko was working on a report to be sent to President Moi that would expose the scam.

Was it to get hold of this report that Dr Ouko was silenced?

This was Troon’s ‘Kisumu Molasses Project’ theory.

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