Nicholas Biwott: So towards the end of 1986-87 around about that time, Ouko, being the Minister for Industry and the project being in his constituency wanted it revived.

An inter-ministerial committee was set up chaired by Dr Ouko. They selected BAK to obtain funding for the project and to nominate companies that would ultimately complete the work.

He submitted the paper to the government for revival of that project and he recommended BAK, those individuals, Marianne and Airaghi to do the job.

In a letter to the Attorney General Ouko made it very clear that he had the support of his colleagues.

“I have discussed this matter with my colleagues Hon. Professor Saitoti and Hon. Nicholas Biwott both of whom fully support my actions”.

We set up a committee, I was one of the members of the committee and we recommended, because they were talking about grant from Italy, so nobody would refuse grant, and we recommended to the cabinet, the cabinet approved and the cabinet sanctioned…

On November 3rd, 1987, the Cabinet agreed to the proposal.

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