Briner-Mattern alleged that senior Kenyan government ministers removed the Kisumu Molasses Project from the agenda of the Italian-Kenya bi-lateral meeting held in Rome on the 5th to 6th of November, 1987, this supposedly stopped it from getting any Italian funding.

She named those responsible as Saitoti, Biwott and Dalmas Otieno.

But the Cabinet didn’t endorse the project until November 3rd. Authorisation wasn’t signed until a day later when the Kenyan delegation was already flying to Italy.

Martin Minns: The Molasses Project could not have been on the agenda at the bi-lateral meeting in early November 1987, an agenda that had been agreed months before.

George Saitoti did attend the bi-lateral meeting. Nicholas Biwott did not, as the minutes prove.

And the claim by Briner-Mattern that Dalmas Otieno was at the meeting is ludicrous: Otieno was not even a Member of Parliament at the time.

The rehabilitation of the Molasses plant was an official government project, and every decision was recorded and filed.

If Troon had read the government file, which was available to him, he would have known that what Briner-Mattern said was untrue.

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