The key testimony on which Troon based his theory that Dr Ouko was writing a corruption report centred round communications Briner-Mattern claimed to have had with Ouko just before he was murdered.

Troon’s report says her allegations were of corruption against ministers and officials.

Either he didn’t read them, or if he did, he ignored it.

And this is one of the biggest mistakes of his investigation. For Briner-Mattern’s letters were not about corruption – they were in fact threatening Dr Robert Ouko.

We believe that the reason for your non-involvement in our defence could be found when checking on the employment of the 50 workers, since we found out that they had been used also to “campaign” for you during election and that part of the money was also used to pay the Youthwingers.

I herewith enclose a copy for your knowledge and enabling you to prepare your defence.

Her second letter was in the same vein.

We never understood why you did not get up to defend your point in this case: It was you who arranged and signed all the agreements. It is your area and it is also your political future which they destroy.