Troon’s reason for believing Briner-Mattern and Airaghi rested entirely on his personal assessment of their characters.

Troon: She was a formidable lady but never the less having accessed her, interviewed her I must say honestly that what she told me I have to accept to be the truth…

Yes, I think she was basically an honest individual… in relation to this investigation… I would consider her to be a credible witness.

But if their past was anything to go by neither Briner-Mattern, nor Airaghi were credible, or honest.

On the 14th March 1987 Domenico Airaghi had been convicted in the Civil and Criminal Court in Milan on charges of attempted extortion.

Throughout the entire time that Ouko was dealing with him, Airaghi was a convicted criminal, out on bail awaiting his appeal.

Although she was not charged, Briner-Mattern was his accomplice and gave evidence in Airaghi’s defence.

In passing sentence the judge said:

The particularly despicable nature of the offence, the attributes of an international fortune-hunter displayed by Airaghi… All of the above justify a sentence of 2 years and six months imprisonment and a fine of 2,000,000 Lire.

In court Marianne Briner-Mattern described herself as a “secretary” of “International Escort”, an “employment agency”. There was no mention of BAK.

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