Troon was told that during the internal Kanu elections in 1988 Dr Ouko had five opponents arrested. They were released without charge after three days but by then the ballot had taken place.

One of those arrested was Joab Omino, Ouko’s opponent at the Parliamentary election held that March.

Perhaps it was not surprising that the 1988 election in Kisumu was a bitter contest.

Could it also have been a motive for murder?

During the course of enquiries allegations were made by several persons, particularly those engaged in politics, of personal hatred levelled against Dr Ouko by his political opponent in the 1988 elections Mr Joab Omino.

Allegations were made that Omino and his associates plotted to harm Dr Ouko, conspired to harm his property at Nyahera, spreading rumours to discredit Dr OUKO particularly concerning his family differences…

Whilst I cannot say at this stage if OMINO has any knowledge of the death of the Minister I cannot fully satisfy myself as to his movements at the material time.

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