But that there were vitriolic and long-running disputes in the Ouko family is without doubt.

“It has been common knowledge that my husband and his brothers Barrack and Collins were not speaking to each other and there was a serious situation between them and that conflict existed between them… at the time of my husband disappearing the conflict still existed.”

Dorothy Randiak, the Ouko’s family physician Dr Jospeh Olouch, family friend Eric Onyango and other witnesses, all told Troon that the row with his brothers greatly disturbed Dr Ouko to the very last night of his life.

On that last evening, Christabel Ouko’s final phone conversation with her husband was about the conflict.

“We then discussed the problem with his brothers. So I talked with my husband about this and he was still unhappy about it all. His last words were, “I’ll try my best to forget about it, but pray for me”.

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