But could Robert Ouko’s dispute with his brother Barrack have been about more than a failure to help him get the job he wanted? Could it have been over a deeper issue – something serious enough to be a motive for murder?

A Mr William Gor told Troon early in his investigation that he should talk to Dorothy Randiak about a conversation she may have had with Ouko the evening before he was murdered.

Mr Gor said that the Minister had told Dorothy “It was either him or me”. The reference being to Barrack the Minister’s brother. Mr Gor said to me that Barrack lived in Nairobi and there had been bad blood between the Minister and Barrack for many years. Mr Gor said to me that the reason for this was that the Minister had been born illegitimate and out of wedlock.

The implication was that Barrack Mbajah regarded himself as the first born son after his parents were married and that therefore he should receive his due entitlements under custom but instead it was his brother Robert Ouko who benefitted.

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