Shortly before he was murdered there was evidence that Dr Ouko’s relationship with Violet Ogembo may not have been his only ‘moment of weakness’.

Not long after her husband had confessed about Herrine Ogembo, Mrs Ouko received another call.

“Some time after this I had a telephone call one night when my husband was working late from a woman who asked where my husband was as she was his wife. She said she was his wife. I said I was his wife also and we spoke for a little while and she put the phone down”.

And a week before Dr Ouko went to Washington Mrs Ouko received yet another call about 6 o’clock one evening.

“The person was a woman. I asked her to repeat the name but she said “Never mind, I am the co wife and I have two children of your husband, tell him to look up his children, I am going to make life very difficult for you!” I said “Why don’t you tell him yourself?” she said “I don’t see much of him”. She then put the phone down”.

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