K’Oyoo’s testimony is very similar in character to two other witnesses, Dr Ouko’s brother Barrack Mbajah and the DC for Nakuru Jonah Anguka, in that it’s very detailed…  up to a point.

He recalled who he met, where he met them; what time it was; the telephone numbers he called; the make and even the registration of the cars he was in.

And so it goes on…  Until the 13th February… 

In his first written statement to the police of 16 March, 1990, K’Oyoo wrote some 963 words about the events of the 14th; and 329 words about the 15th.

About the day before Ouko disappeared, the 12th, K’Oyoo recorded 226 words across two statements, saying he was in “Nairobi throughout” the day.

But about the day in between, the day that Dr Robert Ouko was murdered, K’Oyoo’s testimony contains just 10 words:

“On 13th February 1990 I did not see Eric Onyango”.

Based on his own testimony James Onyango K’Oyoo does not have a sufficient alibi for the day that Dr Robert Ouko was murdered.

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