By now Troon was retired from New Scotland Yard. He began giving testimony to the Public Inquiry on November 6th, 1991. There, over a period of several days, he read out his entire Final Report. It was duly recorded word-for-word in the newspapers.

John Troon was the media’s star performer but the Inquiry ultimately exposed serious flaws both in his original investigation and his Final Report.

He admitted that one of his principle witnesses, Dr Ouko’s brother Barrack Mbajah, had not been entirely honest with him and that there was a row going on between them up until the minister’s death.

He admitted he had made no enquiries to the US authorities over the Washington trip allegations.

He reluctantly accepted that his Kisumu Molasses theory was based “principally” on the testimony of Briner-Mattern and Airaghi, and documents that they alone had produced.

But he admitted he made no enquiries of the Swiss or Italian authorities to check into their background or that of their company BAK, nor did he read the Kenyan Government’s file on the Molasses project.

Troon was now under rigorous cross-examination for the first time. On the 21st November he suddenly announced that he had to fly to London.  He never returned