I asked them why am I being arrested? They said we don’t know, why are you being arrested. So they told me also to wait, I waited there anxiously, and as I was waiting I saw Oyugi coming out of the cell and Anguka and Oraro those are the ones I can remember very vividly. 

I spent the night at the police… rather horrible… it started now the whole procedure of a prisoner, removing shoes, removing all the things and telling me to sleep on the wooden…  with one blanket.

…  the toilets were bad and the room itself was empty, bare, with very tall walls, and light, light was coming from dim window at the top.

And the first time I saw him, I was actually shocked, I think I even cried, because he hadn’t combed his hair, he looked….I have never seen him like this…

Well I spent a total of 2 weeks, 14 days, 14 days exact.

I don’t think he received any special treatment and it was actually a bit unfortunate because one would read in the press at the time that he was being treated well, been in a hotel, his wife was bringing him food. It was not true, none of that is true.

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