This is where the disfigured body of a popular Kenyan politician was found by a local herdsman one morning, many years ago.

But I’m not talking about the body of Robert Ouko.

It belonged to JM Kariuki, who was murdered fifteen years earlier 

Who killed him and left his corpse on an anthill here at the foot of the Ngong Hills has never been established.

The names ‘Ouko’ and ‘Kariuki’ head a long list of famously unsolved murders that stretch back to Kenya’s independence: Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, Father John Kaiser, Ronald Ngala, Kungua Karumba… 

In this series, we’ve established beyond doubt that the story we were told for so long as to who killed Dr Robert Ouko and why, was wrong. 

With the latest advances in DNA technology and a properly impartial and diligent investigation into Dr Robert Ouko’s murder it might still be possible to identify his killers, to exonerate the innocent, to find the truth. 

We are living in a more open, freer society than when Robert Ouko died. But in one crucial respect, Kenya has not changed. We’re still a country that is afraid to confront its past, seemingly unable to read our history objectively, dispassionately and with our blinkers removed.

Remember the warning from History as spoken by the Spanish philosopher, George Santayana:

Those who don’t remember their past…

…are condemned to repeat it.

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