But when she came to give testimony to the PSC the change in Marianne Briner-Mattern’s testimony was far more dramatic.

Briner-Mattern now alleged that Dr Ouko may have been murdered because he knew dark secrets about President Moi’s private life – in particular that he was being supplied with Ugandan prostitutes for his pleasure.

…the Ugandan girls which was organized and kept at the disposal of the former President… They were kept after arrival in Kenya under isolation until their visit to State House was confirmed. Dr. Ouko also knew about them like other insiders. He told me once about the rumours…  

 Now when we wrote the book, she presented a case of prostitutes in Mombasa being the reason for which the minister was murdered. So I started wondering how did the prostitutes become the key reason in our book whereas in Nairobi it was something different she was talking about?

 Briner-Mattern’s change of testimony didn’t end there. She went on to make another sensational claim – that she had had an “intimate” relationship with President Moi.

 I had a relationship with that man once. I do not know if you understand this; if you once loved somebody, you will believe in him; you have to realize that you may have loved the wrong man.

 So, why did Briner-Mattern suddenly and dramatically change her testimony?