Kenya’s hotly disputed presidential election of December 2007 sparked a wave of violent protests in which over 1,400 people died and hundreds of thousands were forced to flee their homes.

In the aftermath Kenya’s parliament set up The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission –The TJRC – to investigate human rights and historical abuses in the country since independence in 1963, including the murder of Dr Robert Ouko. 

The basis of the TJRC’s report into Ouko’s murder, published in May 2013, was still Troon’s Final Report. 

The TJRC’s conclusions however, didn’t take the search for truth over Ouko’s murder much further.

“Based on the limited information available before the Commission, we are unable to shed any light on the identity of Ouko’s killers.” 

Like Troon the TJRC called for further investigations but as we have seen, the Commission did come to one entirely provable conclusion

In addition, the Washington Trip theory revolves around a private meeting with President Bush and Ouko that never actually occurred.

But how was this crucially important finding, that there was no meeting between President Bush and Dr Ouko during the Washington trip, reported the next day? 

The front page of The Daily Nation, reported the exact opposite:

TJRC report… ‘Ouko Killed After Meeting with President Bush’ [Daily Nation] 

How did it come to this?

22 ½ years after Ouko’s murder; after two police investigations, three inquiries, and two trials “no light” could be “shed” on who killed him and why.

And where the truth was known it was often ignored, and where it was revealed it was often misreported.

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