Then there’s the question of the “mysterious deaths”.

 This is going to be one of the hardest things for Kenyans, particularly Kenyan journalists, to accept: the “mystery deaths” of witnesses in the Ouko case is a myth.

 It was the PSC that first came up with the “mysterious deaths” stories.

 “More than 100 key witnesses linked to the unresolved murder have also died in the past 15 years”.

 100 “mysterious deaths” of “key witnesses”? In fact the PSC report listed 18 so-called “mysterious deaths”.

 The teenage herdsboy, Shikuku, who initially found Dr Ouko’s burning body was said to have mysteriously disappeared straight after he told the police what he’d seen. In fact he gave testimony a year later to the Commission of Inquiry and was positively identified by his former employer as being alive a few years later.

 The PSC’s list also included the British pathologist Dr Iain West but he died of cancer in a UK hospital in 2001, 11 years after Ouko’s murder. There was no mystery.

 And the TJRC bizarrely added to the list of “mysterious deaths” deaths.

 In early January 2012, 22 years after Ouko’s murder, his maid, Selina Were died aged 68.

 Her brother told the press, “She has died after an on and off illness due to old age” and the family pleaded for the media not to report Selina’s death as “mysterious”.

 But, lo and behold, despite this fact and the family’s protestations the TJRC report added her to the list of so-called “mysterious deaths”!

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